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If I had had my act together today, I’d have (a) actually picked out a pair of green pants instead of continuing to endlessly search for the perfect one, (b) worn said pants and made it long enough into the day without getting baby spit-up on them to take photos, and (c) actually edited and posted said photos amid a blur of deadlines and an allergies-without-medicine induced haze. Because you all know part (a) was by far the least realistic of the required elements, I bring you…this recap of some of my favorite ways to wear green and green-ish through the ages, settings, seasons and stages of being not-yet-pregnant, barely-pregnant, hugely-pregnant and thankfully-not-pregnant-anymore.

*and I would love, love, love your suggestions on green pants. I tried those adorable tiny babypants from Target, but the pants-kryptonite of my waist-to-just-above-the-knee ratio proved their undoing (terrible pun intended). Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  • Katie

    You are oh-so-talented at making green work like a neutral – not an easy feat!

    • S. of Narrowly Tailored

      Thanks, lady! It’s funny how brights can start to function that way, the more you wear them. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of bright green as “neutral” a few years ago!

  • Elena

    I might have to go for a recap as well—def not wearing green today. I tried on a pair of cropped green pants at Zara that I liked (the Target ones were ridiculous on me. Not a pretty sight).

  • Terri

    You’re a pro at green!  I think I saw green jeans at Old Navy recently.

  • Anonymous

    I love the mosaic–so much inspiration! :) Heather

  • Emily

    Love all of these looks!

  • Vanity of Vanities

    Ah, love these outfits! You look pretty in green. :)

    Cathy@Celebrate Save Your Vision Month 2012 by Keeping Eyes and Vision Healthy