• Necklace: Swapped
  • Sweater/Jacket Thing: Vintage Piazza Sempione, mommed
  • Maroon Maxi Skirt (worn as a midi dress): Old Navy
  • Black Boots: Born ‘Mallory,’ gift from husband D.
  • Brown Woven Belt: Loft
  • Not Pictured: Black Tights: HUE

Well, hello there! We’re back from two (two!) trips with our big-girl 5-month-old (yikes!) in one week (about which more later), and though rejuvenated by visits to friends and family, we’re all a bit exhausted and facing a monster case of the Mondays, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. This is another attempt at remixing this Old Navy maxi skirt as a midi dress, using some of the same techniques I used here: a topper to hide the nursing bra straps, a belt to provide some waist definition and hold the whole thing in place. This version is a bit more obviously wintry, but has a bit of a funky, country vibe with the boots overlapping the skirt hem. Though I’m not 100% sold on the proportions (which somehow managed to feel slightly Hey, Dude! (dare I date myself), and give me a serious case of distressingly-flattened hindquarters), I love the combination of cream and maroon here, with the pop of turquoise from the necklace. This boxier-than-I’d-normally-wear jacket has also become an MVP of my new-mom days, at the right level of formality for a bigger range of situations than I’d have initially imagined. All in all, I think the first attempt was more successful, but for a combination of not-quites on a crazy Monday morning, I’ll take it and run.

Midis with boots: awesome or a little too cowgirl for big city life? I’m thinking of chopping the hem on this skirt to turn it into a proper high-waisted midi skirt in the near future. Thoughts? Tips for hemming jersey?

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  • bf+v

    Hey, Dude!  Omg…love!  haha…I’m still laughing that you referenced that show.  Anyway, I’m not so sure about the midi length with boots.  Last year, I was all about it.  This year, I’m feeling like it’s a bit too cowgirl or even too…Little House on the Prairie?  Something about it just isn’t doing it for me.  On MY body.  But I think it looks good on you!  Maybe because you’re taller than I am?

  • Rebecca Barnes

    I love ‘Hey, Dude!’   I love the pop of color from your necklace.

    I’m with you — Mondays are ‘take it and run’ outfit days for me, too.

  • Terri

    I love the jacket!  mommed, indeed.  

  • BiblioMOMia

    Hooray for mommed items!  I love that you get fab clothes–I tend to steal jewelry.  :)

    I think boots are absolutely awesome with midi skirts.  One of my favorite combos–always just a touch bohemian, but never over the top if the pieces are simple.  With the structured and boxy blazer here, it’s just lovely.

  • ellawrightx

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