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  • Maroon Skirt: Kyla‘s closet sale
  • Pink Knit Blouse: Banana Republic (2008)
  • Tweed Cropped Blazer: Tracy Reese via Nordstrom’s (2004)
  • Black Tights: HUE
  • Black Croc Wedges: Stuart Weitzman via Bloomingdales

Happy Valentine’s Day (if you feel so moved!)! I couldn’t help but fall for this month’s Everybody Everywear theme of pink and red together, since I (a) adore the color red and (b) have apparently never met a pairing of tightly analogous colors that I couldn’t find a way to love. Laughing in the face of color-matching “rules,” I’ve worn red-based tight pairings on dates, at home, at work and school, while pregnant, while postpartum (and still wearing my maternity jeans). I’ve also waxed poetic about my love for these kinds of clashing-but-not-clashing color combinations, which, once you get used to them, can feel downright visually soothing.

This outfit is a version of red and pink together that would work even in a moderately conservative office. I wouldn’t wear it in an environment where I’d never seen anyone wear anything that wasn’t a black suit with a white shirt, but if I’d been there a while and had seen matched separates and the occasional texture or color walk by, I’d give it a whirl. While a brighter skirt would also have worked, I’ve chosen a darker shade here, which preserves the playfulness of the red + pink combo, but adds a touch of sophistication and makes it decidedly office friendly on days other than Valentine’s Day. I’m using the cropped blazer to add a little extra punch of formality (and let’s face it, it’s pretty cold outside), and to provide a kind of a decoy for the color blocking below: in a funny way, it serves the neat function of letting the bright elements in the outfit stand out and blend in at the same time.

Are brights and “clashing” colors a go in your workplace? Do you have a favorite color pairing or strategy for making brights work for work?

Never one to be left out of the party, baby M. decided to play along, as EBEW’s youngest participant. In fairness, she would like you to note that this was totally by accident (i.e., mom discovered as we were leaving that baby was wearing red and pink, too!), but also that ever since grandma bought her this adorable hot-pink-and-tomato-red jacket, she rocks tightly analogous color pairings almost every day. It was also one of those I-should-have-worn-a-raincoat spit up days, so this outfit lasted for approximately fifteen glorious minutes.

Baby #EBEW
On baby M.:

  • Pink and Red Fleece Hoodie: Carter’s, gift from MIL
  • Ballet Pink and White Striped PJs: Hanna Andersson, gift from my mom
  • One of two kinds of socks that ever manage to stay on her feet: Target

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  • April

    Red is your color for sure…no wonder you like it so much! And keep on wearing those preggo jeans…I’m not judging ; )

  • BiblioMOMia

    This is totally your day!  Too fun.  I’m especially fond of little m’s cozy version.

  • Katie

    I cannot get over the adorableness of that child. You’d better be bringing her to CO!

  • M.

    Analogous colors are a little harder for me, but you’re starting to make a good case, S.  I like how this works for more formal occasions, at least formal in my world.  This would be an awesome outfit for the beginning of the term, or meetings, or conferences.  I’m hoping to copy cat.  

    ps. Could you let my mom know that she should buy a cropped blazer/structured cardi and then give it to me after she wore it a few times?