• Grey Nubby Sweater-vest: Vivienne Vivienne Tam via
  • Heathered Purple Tee: Gap
  • Necklace: BeadleBop via
  • Wide-Legged Trousers: Olian via eBay
  • Red Pumps: Urban Outfitters

When I was pregnant, I remember being shocked at the number of clothing items on lists of what we “should” plan to have. She’s a baby! She’ll wear PJs and onesies all the time! We shrugged off mother-in-law’s suggestion that we’d need to plan on her wearing four complete outfits a day.

Yeah. About that. You sure did tell us so, in-laws and internet sources of mostly non-wisdom on parenting topics. And we have the water bill to prove it.

For the most part, baby m. is a “happy spitter” (which is, in and of itself, a disturbing but hilarious term), but we have our share of days when we’re going on six outfits between us by the time I’ve gotten her to the sitter’s and am on my way to class. Case in point: this was the fourth outfit I had on in the space of m.’s 90 minutes of awake time before her morning nap last Monday. That may explain the wild hair and the crazy eyes . . . sorry about that. It looks a little dark in these photos, but it paired perfectly with a bottomless cup of green tea as I worked my way through a take-home exam on a cold, grey Monday. To brighten things up a bit, though, I added a frighteningly bright orange pashmina as m. and I dashed off to meet Amy and Tania for coffee.

As an aside, I snagged this sweater/vest thing from, one of the 8719813498 flash sale sites around these days, which sucked up waaaaaay too many of my post-exam brain-dead minutes last week. I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about ideeli’s customer service, shipping speeds, shopping experience, etc., but I’m pretty ambivalent about the flash sale concept. On the one hand, I’ve got ooky feelings about the ease of getting sucked into a black hole of spending a lot of time thinking about buying stuff (or, sometimes worse, actually buying stuff). On the other, I’m sympathetic to the question my mother has often asked me about these sites: why are they all but giving the stuff away? Assuming you’re not on GAAD or a similar shopping ban, what’s your approach to flash sales? Any great success stories or miserable failures out there?



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  • M.

    I love this outfit and your wavy hair.