• Winter White Sweater/Jacket Thing: Vintage Piazza Sempione, mommed
  • Black Nursing Tank: Bravado Designs via Figure8Maternity
  • Boot Cut Jeans: Old Navy
  • Brown Metallic Loafers: Naturalizer via DSW
  • Necklace: Gifted
  • Earrings: Mall vendor

In somewhat comedic symmetry, the last time I blogged this sweater/jacket thing was the day after I found out I was pregnant with m. (Amused note to future self: taking a pregnancy test at 11 p.m. after coming home from a wedding, regardless of the results, will not lead to sleep! But apparently it did lead to pretty adorably curled hair the following morning.) Because I feel like I’ve been living dog years of late, January seems like a lifetime ago (and in a way, of course, it was!), but the basic look is pretty much the same: warm winter white paired with dark denim and warm medium brown and the same silver necklace, tweaked slightly for my current circumstances.

In the last iteration, I was lamenting my difficulties with surrendering my waist (irony alert!), in part because I was loathe to de-emphasize my favorite body part. Postpartum, I have related anxieties, as I try to figure out how to dress for my altered proportions. I’m navigating my way through a sartorial uncanny valley, dressing a same-but-different body for a life that’s same-but-different in both visible and invisible ways. That said, I think I like the halfway-structured aspects of this top, which disciplined my top half without overly constraining it, and the way the lush richness of the knit fabric and sleeve detailing dressed up an otherwise humdrum pair of jeans. You all had some great suggestions last time of how to wear this jacket; any further thoughts as I try to make it work in the future?

Have a lovely, lovely weekend everyone! Coming next week: several days in the life of a tightly analogous color pairing, along with still more maternity wardrobe essentials.

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