Even though I’m [finally!] no longer pregnant, I wanted to wrap up my maternity style chronicles with some of my favorite looks from my last week of pregnancy. Rest assured, I’ll catch back up to the present soon!

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I fought sartorial boredom by reinventing some looks from earlier in my pregnancy, trying to find ways to adjust these styles to take advantage of my slightly-comical shape. In honor of my due date (on which I was very, very much still pregnant!), I took another look at this outfit, the first look from my very first 30-for-30 remix last fall:

08 November 2010

It looks a little different now, doesn’t it?


  • Skinnies: Gap Maternity
  • Navy Tee: Gap Maternity
  • Brown Riding Boots: Franco Sarto via Zappos.com
  • Red Cardigan: Vintage Michael Kors, mommed
  • Necklace: gifted
  • Gold Earrings: Lulu’s, gift from Mom
  • Metallic Fabric Belt: LOFT

I’m actually pretty fond of the late-maternity version, and not just because of the charming hilarity of attempting to get myself into my first trimester skinnies and those jeans tucked into my boots on what was supposed to have been the last day of my pregnancy. In a number of ways, this version reflects the ways my style has evolved and matured over the last ten months. The accessories are a little more intentional and are a little bit better coordinated. I’m breaking some rules (hello, mixed metallics), and I’m highlighting the things I love best about my shape — even in its temporarily distorted form.

I didn’t end up actually wearing this look all day — after a few hours, it just felt really impractical — but for a welcome-to-town brunch with my parents and my in-laws, it made me feel really put together and like myself, which was worth a lot at this stage in the process!

Have you been able to make a beloved look work in different sartorial circumstances — accommodating a change in shape, lifestyle or circumstance? When you look back at what you were wearing a year ago, how has your style changed — or not changed?


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  • http://barefootandvintage.wordpress.com barefoot&vintage

    you look amazing!  look at that big beautiful belly!  i love my baby, but i miss being pregnant a little bit.  :)

    • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

      Thanks, Paige!

      I mostly don’t miss being pregnant, but there were times those first few weeks when I did. This will sound silly, but when you go places and you’re enormously pregnant, everyone wants to help you out, and you get this totally artificial sense that the world is full of REALLY considerate humans. I remember the first few times I went out without m. and that, well, wasn’t the case, and I kept thinking (irrationally), don’t you people know I had a BABY like ten minutes ago? But… I guess the moral of that story is just that hormones sometimes make you do the wacky :)

  • http://biblioMOMia.blogspot.com BiblioMOMia

    GO YOU for prepreg skinnies!  So sublime.  

    There’s nothing better than feeling like yourself, especially near the end.  I wore my favorite purple maxi dress to the hospital for the very same reason…

    • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

      Thanks! It’s funny how totally fraught the end of pregnancy is — how slow the days drag on — and then how much it’s just a blip on the radar now. She’s only been here five weeks and it’s like, oh, I was pregnant? Really?