Hello Lovely readers of Narrowly Tailored! I’m so excited for S. and her new little one to spend some time getting to know each other! I’m Kayla, and I blog over at Internal Sequin Issues. Living in the Northeast I’ve become pretty accustom to the changing seasons. As we transition from Summer to Fall, one of the key pieces that will be added to everyone’s wardrobe will be a great coat ( or two or three!). Keep in mind a few key tips when looking for a new coat and you can get through the changing seasons with an amazing top layer.

1. Proportions are Key

Guest Post: White Jacket

( Coat: Weathervane- Purchased at local Goodwill $10)

Knowing what proportions flatter you best is extremely important when it comes to shopping for jeans and tops, why should it be any different for Coats? Nothing is more unflattering than a lovely lady whose coat hits her oddly halfway across her thighs, or hangs off of her shoulders. If you wouldn’t wear a shirt that fell past your waist, than why buy a coat that does?

2. Don’t be afraid of Patterns and Color

Guest Post: Red Pattern Coat

( Coat: Charlotte Russe $5)

Of course it makes sense to stick with neutral color jackets because they go with everything but adding a jacket with a bold pattern or color can really bring a great element to what would otherwise be a dreary day. I not only own this Red Checked coat, but also a Green Plaid coat, a Blue Wool coat and a Purple swing coat, and am shocked every year at how often I can wear them. A bold coat means you can keep your outfit underneath neutral, and let the jacket do all the talking for you.

3. Amazing Coats mean Comfy Clothes

Guest Post: Trench Coat

(Coat: Vintage purchase via Etsy $26)

My favorite part about the colder weather? When I’m adding an extra layer with a Coat, I can sneak a comfy outfit underneath and no-one has to know. Some days you wake up and just don’t want to take off your Pajamas, so why not throw on a wearable alternative and put on a fantastic coat? This amazing Vintage Coat is my favorite comfy outfit friend. I can wear the most boring out outfits underneath, and no-one will be the wiser. They’ll all be to busy admiring my coat.

Coats can be fashionable while they provide warmth and isn’t that the biggest annoyance of the changing season? With a great Coat Collection, instead of dreading the end of summer, I look forward to the weather changing and bringing out my extra layers.

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