2 May 2011

  • Grey Cowl-Neck Jersey Dress: Gap Maternity, via Gap.com
  • Printed Silk Scarf: Vintage Burberry, mommed
  • Nude Cork Wedges: Jones New York, via DSW

Dear weeks 20 and 21: you have been so good to me, in so many ways. Really. Can we keep this up forever? It would be really awesome. Thanks! Love, S.

Now that I’ve reached the mid-point of my pregnancy, I seem to have finally hit the mythic stage of sweetness and light people kept telling me would happen, and thankfully just in time for me to get through exams and term papers and start my summer job (phew!). It’s also been an unexpectedly good moment for me sartorially. With the exception of dealing awkwardly with a string of well-intentioned-but-perhaps-slightly-misguided individuals constantly reminding me that I look less pregnant than they’d expect, I’m in a pretty positive body image headspace, and  I’ve had a string of wardrobe good-luck days where combinations I wasn’t quite sure about seemed to just work. You’ll have to pardon my still-ghastly but skin-cancer free pallor, though—while the weather has improved, it’s not quite summer yet.

While I’ve acquired a decent number of black maternity wardrobe staples, I’ve been drawn to lighter neutrals for the spring and summer, particularly charcoal and slate grey. I’m not really quite sure what the story is with this dress in terms of its level of formality: is it a work dress, if worn under a sweater or a blazer (since my office does not support the Right to Bare Arms)? Or is it a “summer dress,” dressy enough for a “dressy casual” event if properly accessorized, but better used for the bar-be-ques and relaxed outdoor evenings in the months to come? I appreciate the seeming contradiction between color and shape going on here, between the perceived formality of the slate grey and the informality of sleeveless jersey. Here, I’ve dressed it up a little with a silk scarf worn as a belt and high pumps. While it still seems a little unsure which direction it’s going in, I loved the unexpected splash of color and pattern, and the potential of the dress to seem polished and put together.

Do you wear jersey dresses at work? What distinguishes office-appropriate from casual-wear-only for you?

2 May 2011

2 May 2011

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  • caroline

    I love this outfit! The scarf is a great focal point with the dress! I would wear it to work with a sweater, but I work in a pretty casual environment. I have few dress code rules at work, but I personally prefer sweaters over my sleeveless tops and closed toe shoes! I would definitely wear it all summer long in casual settings, but could see it dressed up with accessories for something fancier. Great dress!

  • http://consciouslycorporate.com Ashley

    S, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first time commenting. First, can I just say that I love the in-depth analysis you’ve got going on here? I’ve always found fashion to be a little frivolous, even though, as a marketer, I recognize the HUGE impact that fashion has on your personal brand. Regarding jersey dresses at the office… I think jerseys may be my new favorite staple for the summer! I think that a blazer or cardigan over that dress with a neutral skinny belt and conservative jewelry would be perfect for the office. It’d look like a sheath dress, and you deserve a little comfort during your pregnancy :) I’m planning to post some styling thoughts in the next few weeks for my myriad of jersey options, so maybe one will inspire you!

  • http://areasontobefabulous.blogspot.com/ Tiffany

    You are such an insightful blogger and I would use Narrowly Tailored to prove anyone wrong who would claim that style blogging is a frivolous activity. I’m constantly impressed by the quality of your posts.
    In response to your question, I love jersey dresses for the office as long as they are accessorized properly with heels, jewelry, and a cardi or blazer. What I love about a jersey dress, though, is that when you take off the heels and substitute flats or sandals, you’ve got a perfect picnic outfit! I think you’ve done a great job of making this dress work-appropriate, and your pregnancy body is gorgeous. Although I have no inclination to have children of my own, your monologue of learning to live and dress your changing body intrigues me. I haven’t had much time to comment lately but please know that I’m faithfully checking your blog for a smarter take on style and fashion blogging.

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