19 January 2011

  • Black Jersey Dress: Ann Taylor, endlessly remixed
  • Mustard Layering Tee: Forever 21
  • Maroon Tights: HUE
  • Belt: Forever 21
  • Brown Riding Boots: Franco Sarto, via Zappos
  • Necklace: Gifted

If you think you’ve seen this outfit before . . . you’re not exactly wrong. This is a basic concept I’ve used multiple times (black jersey dress + layering tee + tights + belt + jewelry + boots), but what I loved so much about this variation was the color. I’ve loved mustard and maroon together this fall and winter, and I loved the way the mixed neutrals here enabled the bold color combination. In an ideal universe where I owned everything I ever wanted and in every color I’d ever been interested in it in, I might have worn a chunky knit sweater in this mustard shade with a textured wool pencil skirt in the maroon, paired with maroon tights and brown heels. As the philosopher Jagger once said, though . . . you can’t always get what you want! I think I’ll live, though: I love continuing to discover the endless remixability of some of my most-loved pieces (just in time for another of Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenges!), and continuing to experiment with bold colors within the realm of shapes and styles I know and love. It ended up being the perfect combination for an icy, slushy first day of school: boots that kept my feet warm and dry, comfortable fabrics for a long day in the classroom and in the library, and festive colors that said, “I’m energetic and ready to try something new.”

Fellow academic-types: what did you wear on your first day of school? Did you go for something brand new, or remix an old favorite in a way that made you feel comfortable and inspired?

19 January 2011

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  • http://fashionmommaintraining.blogspot.com Kimberly Parham

    Did you get this mustard tee recently? I’ve been obsessing over the color, lately, and haven’t found anything JUST the right shade. Your top totally fits the bill! Mustard and maroon remind me of the Washington Redskins. And that’s not a bad thing. :) I’m a die-hard fan. Even when they can’t win a stinking game all season!

  • http://chicchemistry.blogspot.com/ Beth Ellen

    I love the mustard on you! I wish, but almost any yellow makes me look like I have jaundice: not flattering. I especially like the mustard with the maroon, and that fantasy outfit sounds fab. Since we started a few weeks ago, I have no idea what I wore on my first day back, oh wait, yes I do! Go blogging! It was also colorful and put together to look a bit professional and a bit fun.

  • http://skrush.blogspot.com Sara K.S. Hanks

    All this color strikes me as incredibly whimsical. Way to go. =) As for the first-day-dressing decision, I really wish that I’d stepped into my own style aesthetic more when I was in school and working in the professional world. As it is, working from home has given me the flexibility to take my time and play around (as opposed to rushing to get ready every morning and just wearing whatever I could find). I think this is a great first-day choice – a mix between casual and dressed-up, looks comfortable and bright.

  • http://hellomonkeyface.blogspot.com MONKEYFACE

    I just Gapped a mustard sweater and maroonish skirt and am now super excited for their remix potentials. This is honestly a completely fresh color combo to me and I just adore it. I definitely go for comfort on first days which usually means old pieces that I can count on to behave!

  • http://sartoriography.wordpress.com/ sartoriography

    I adore the light in these photos, as always. You have mastered the indoor shot like no other. And same goes with the tights/dress/belt combo. You look cool and put together but definitely energetic.

    On my first day I wore a favorite combo- high waisted skirt, fitted top, tights, and boots. The skirt was a fun and bright print (clocks!) and the rest was black and very simply cut. I felt just like I wanted- distinct, a it sassy, and super comfy. And the giant coat helped keep in all the heat. :)

  • http://fashionableacademics.blogspot.com/ La Historiadora de Moda

    I adore the color combination here, my dear. I posted my first day outfit last week on my blog, but I went with warm and comfy since my first day back was also a 12+ hour day on campus. It was a mix of old and new items.

  • http://www.the-other-emily.blogspot.com emily

    I really like this combo, especially with the gray belt. Hours after I read this post, I saw a girl on the street in Seville wearing maroon tights with shorts and a mustard cowl – I definitely think you are onto something :)
    the other emily

  • rachel

    Love the boots!

    Warmest regards-