Once more, with feeling*: time for another edition of Kendi Everyday’s 30 for 30 challenge. Without further ado, the building blocks for this round:

Dresses: (2)

  1. Black Jersey Dress: Ann Taylor (2010)
  2. Printed Floral Dress: Boden (2010)

Bottoms: (6)

  1. Boot-cut Jeans: Kut from the Kloth, via Nordstrom (2010)
  2. Dark Wash Skinnies: Kut from the Kloth, via Nordstrom (2010) Dark Wash Skinnies: Gap, via Gap.com (2011)
  3. Navy Ponte Trousers: Banana Republic (2009)
  4. Black Wintershorts: UO (2010)
  5. Black Tulip Overlay Skirt: Ann Taylor (2010)
  6. Grey A-Line Suit Skirt: Calvin Klein, via Filene’s (2010)

Cardigans/Blazers: (7)

  1. Doubleknit Blazer: Halogen, via Nordstrom (2011)
  2. Ironic Military Jacket: BCBG Max Azria “Runway” (2007) Dark Green Heathered Cardigan: Vintage TSE, mommed
  3. Long Grey Cardigan: Ann Taylor (2009) Long Light-Grey Cardigan: H&M (2011)
  4. Long Magenta Cardigan: Talbots (2011)
  5. Red Cardigan: Vintage Michael Kors, mommed
  6. Printed Yellow Cardigan: Talbots (2011) Army Green Dolman-Wrap Cardigan: Forever 21 (2010)
  7. Slouchy Grey Cardigan: Michael Michael Kors, via Nordstrom (2008)

Shirts: (9)

  1. Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 (2010)
  2. Navy and Red Striped Tee: Forever 21 (2010)
  3. White Striped Tee: Columbia Sportswear, hand-me-down from SIL E.
  4. White Tank: Banana Republic (2008)
  5. Black Tank: Banana Republic (2008)
  6. Purple Tee: Gap (2010)
  7. Red Tee: Gap (2010)
  8. Chartreuse Blouson Top: Loft (2011)
  9. Putty Blouson Top: Loft (2011)

Shoes: (5)

  1. Brown Riding Boots: Franco Sarto, via Zappos (2010)
  2. Brown Wedges: Naturalizer, via Amazon.com (2011)
  3. Brown Oxfords: Seychelles, via Piperlime (2010)
  4. Brown Metallic Loafers: Naturalizer, via DSW (2008)
  5. Black Wedges: Stuart Weitzman, via Bloomingdales (2008)
  6. Red Pumps: BC Footwear, via Zappos (2010)

    For those keeping score at home, this is only 29 items. No, I haven’t suffered a recent and shocking lack of an ability to differentiate 29 from 30, I’m just (a) waiting for one last item to come in the mail, and (2) giving myself a teeny bit of weather-related wiggle room. Our weather has alternated from standard winter greys to some epic snow and ice, and in the interests of not falling on my face, I’m preserving the option for duck boots should they prove necessary. You may notice that this list has a lot in common with my last 30 for 30 capsule collection, which is representative of both the overall size of my closet (not large), and my approach to the challenge (mixing well-loved items that I actually wear with new things I’ve acquired and am trying to..encourage myself to wear as much and as soon as possible).

    I’ve been looking forward to this round of the 30 for 30: I loved and learned a ton from the last one (read: the recap and the list of items), and I’m looking forward to pushing my remixing skills further still and making the most of a break from shopping and the creative inspiration of a limited closet. Once again, I find myself on the eve of some pretty chaotic stuff (personally and academically), and I’m relishing the idea of a break from the desire to acquire and yet another reminder that style comes from your brain, not your wallet. I’ve also been battling the winter body image blahs, and I’m hoping that challenging myself to create looks I love and feel good in with a palette of items known and unknown will remind me that this is yet another area of my life over which I have control.

    Per the aforementioned business, you may not be hearing as much textually from me in the coming weeks, but I’m looking forward to sharing this wardrobe challenge with you. I hope we’ll be able to explore both the tips and techniques of remixing and the politics of our sartorial and fashion-financial choices, and inspire each other to great heights during these closet-limited, shopping-free days!

    If you’re a style blogger, are you participating in this round of the 30 for 30? What are you most looking forward to? If you’re a non-blogger playing along at home, I’d love to feature some of your favorite remixed looks, lessons and stories — use the contact form above or e-mail me at narrowlytailored (at) gmail (dot) com!

    *I’d be really sad if you didn’t get this reference, and you wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings, would you?

    • http://beaandben.blogspot.com/ Sofia

      Good luck with the challenge!

      • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

        Thanks, Sofia!

    • http://closetcraftkitchensavings.blogspot.com/ CC

      I am doing the remix! I am so excited for it to start and see everyone’s picks and outfits. Looking forward to yours! I just put up my 30 picks!

      • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

        Thanks, CC! Looking forward to seeing yours, as well.

    • http://skrush.blogspot.com Sara K.S. Hanks

      I’m playing along (this will be my first remixing attempt), and I’m most looking forward to playing around with accessories. Another good side effect is that I’ve decided to spend some time this month making a thoughtful list of things to add to my wardrobe. I don’t do this very often (I’m more of a “go-shopping-and-see-what-happens” kind of gal), and I think it will be a nice change, as well as an effective way to keep from impulse buys for the next 30 days.

      • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

        Good luck! I’ve found it really rewarding in that regard — when I emerged from the last one, I had a definite sense of what worked and what didn’t — and a great appreciation of what I already had in my closet!

    • http://chicchemistry.blogspot.com/ Beth Ellen

      I can’t wait to see what you do with your shorts, as I’m mostly at a loss with mine. I included them to encourage myself to branch further out, but I only had one ensemble in my head when I chose them.

      • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

        Thanks, Beth Ellen! They’ve definitely turned out to be harder to wear than I thought, but I wanted to force myself to try again after having had them sitting in the closet for a while.

    • http://hellomonkeyface.blogspot.com MONKEYFACE

      MAGNOLIA. YES? My favorite is “I’m quietly judging you,” because I am, always.

      • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

        You went all meta on me! I was going with the original reference to the musical episode of Buffy, but, yes, said episode is also referenced in Magnolia!

    • http://www.the-other-emily.blogspot.com emily

      Looks like an excellent palette to work from – I think it’s a great plan to go with a mix of tried-and-true workhorses and a few more experimental pieces that you want to play around with a bit.

      I’m looking forward to, erm, well…. finishing this one. Hopefully the fact that I don’t actually have anything else to wear will help :)
      the other emily

      • http://narrowlytailored.blogspot.com S. of Narrowly Tailored

        Thanks, Emily! I’m actually surprised, in some ways, at how different this list is than the last — I’ll be interested to see how it goes. Good luck with yours while traveling — I’m interested to hear how that wrinkle complicates and enhances your style.

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