8 December 2010

  • Black Jersey Dress: Ann Taylor
  • Camel Turtleneck: Vintage D&G, mommed
  • Belt: Filene’s
  • Tights: HUE
  • Teal Pumps: BC Footwear, via Zappos

I’m off to take my first exam of the semester, and after falling asleep chanting to myself the Lesser Included Offenses for various forms of criminal homicide (sad and true and sadly true), I knew that today was a day for a proven sartorial formula. Just like you wouldn’t change your running clothes or your long-run refueling strategy the morning of a marathon, an exam day is not a day for bold steps in a new direction. Instead, I tried to find the fun while playing it a little bit safe: layering my ubiquitous black jersey dress over a contrasting-neutral turtleneck for a slight play on schoolgirl chic, belting to define my waist, adding a necklace for some visual interest, and the outfit’s true saving grace, my teal pumps. It took two minutes, and I feel comfortable, confident, and ready to write for three hours (which, come to think of it, is how long it might take a quite fast person — not me! — to run a marathon).

What does your sartorial “game face” look like, whether for academic, professional or personal obligations? Do you rely on the unexpected touch to give you a lift, or enfold yourself in the comfort of old standbys?

8 December 2010

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  • La Historiadora de Moda

    I adore the teal pumps!

    I totally lived on the edge and wore a brand new top for my last half-marathon. It was risky, but it worked out ok.

  • angie

    I like the unexpected pop of color from the pumps!Great look!

  • What Would a Nerd Wear

    good luck on your exam!! I am with you–I definitely dress up when I'm trying to achieve greatness :)

  • Kinsey

    I always try and push myself to wear something I feel great in. A bright color, a unique piece, or great shoes. It helps me feel more confident about myself and then about my performance!

  • Lydia Marie

    You look great! Good luck today!

  • Tiffany

    I go for silhouettes I'm comfortable in but I try to add a spin in the form of quirky jewelry or bright colors.

    I love your remixing of the jersy dress. It deserves a re-cap of its very own at the end of the remix- Every time you wear it is like the first time I'm seeing it!

    Best of luck, and thanks for taking the time out of your studies to pay me a compliment :)

  • Beth Ellen

    I totally go for comfort. If I'm comfortable then I will be able to concentrate on the task ahead. For all my qualifying exams in grad school that resulted in the baggiest pair of sweatpants I own and a two sizes too big mens jcrew hoodie. I may have looked like a hobo, but I didn't have to think about anything but my tests.

    I love your neutral turtleneck here. I wish I didn't freak out anytime I try to wear something close to my neck.

    Good luck!!

  • Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous

    I adore those shoes! Such a perfect color and shape, and what a fantastic way to bring some brightness to a lovely neutrals look.

  • S.

    Thanks, everyone! I think yesterday went well…and I'm giving lots of credit to the teal pumps!

    @Historiadora: you rebel!

    @Tania and @Kinsey: I think I've decided that approach works best for me, even if it elicits a few strange looks from the folks on Beth Ellen's end of this question, who show up to take exams in their yoga pants and hoodies — which is a totally great approach if it's what works for you :)

    @Tiffany: thanks for the tip!

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