Phew! That took longer than I expected. I assembled my 30-for-30 capsule collection while doing a sorely-needed spring/summer to fall/winter closet changeover/clean-out, so I’m now feeling both energized for the challenge and well organized (which is one of husband D.’s favorite feeling in the whole world, and coming to be mine, as well). So, without further ado, the list (and a few thoughts):

Shoes: (5)

  1. Brown riding boots: Franco Sarto (2010)
  2. Red pumps: BC Footwear (2010)
  3. Teal pumps: BC Footwear (2010)
  4. Black croc wedges: Stuart Weitzman (2008)
  5. Brown tweed flats: LL Bean (2009)
Tops: (10)
  1. Mustard tank: Banana Republic (2008)
  2. White tank: BR (2008)
  3. Brown scoop-neck tank: BR (2006)
  4. White and yellow striped oxford: J. Crew (2004)
  5. Kelly green shell: BR (2005)
  6. Slate ruffled tank: Ann Taylor (2010)
  7. Purple oversized tunic/sweater/thingie: Gap (2010) Green Layering T: PowWow, gifted in 2005
  8. Pink-orange shell: BR (2005)
  9. Camel turtleneck: Vintage Dolce & Gabbana (early 2000s, mommed in 2009)
  10. Blue detailed tank: Banana Republic (2008) Ribbed Navy Turtleneck: Vintage Sportmax (mid-1990s, mommed in 2007)
Cardigans and Blazers: (5)
  1. Brown tweed sweater: Vintage Ralph Lauren (early 90s, mommed in 2008)
  2. Grey tweed crossover blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren Collection (late 90s, mommed in 2008)
  3. Long grey cardigan: Ann Taylor (2009)
  4. Black cardigan: J. Crew (2007)
  5. Red cardigan: Vintage Michael Kors (mid 90s, mommed in 2008)
Pants: (4)
  1. Dark wash skinnies: Kut from the Kloth (2010)
  2. Boot cut jeans: Kut from the Kloth (2010)
  3. Navy cords: J. Crew (2008)
  4. Navy ponte trousers: Banana Republic (2009) Handmade Grey Corduroy A-Line Skirt: S. (2010)
Skirts: (4)
  1. Floral print skirt: Matty M (gifted in 2003)
  2. Black sequin-pattern skirt: Vintage Piazza Sempione (mommed in 2008)
  3. Black “tulip” overlay skirt: Ann Taylor (2010)
  4. Navy pinstripe pencil skirt: Calvin Klein via Filene’s (2010)
Dresses: (2)
  1. Black jersey dress: Ann Taylor (2010)
  2. Red/black print dress: Express (1999 — seriously!)
A few lessons learned from the selection process:
  1. 30 items is a lot, except when it isn’t. I came into this process thinking that 30 items would encompass almost all of the seasonally-appropriate things that I actually had any interest in wearing, excluding the super-formal office-oriented items that I don’t need right now as a full time student. It turns out, I seem to own more stuff than I thought. 
  2. Next time, plan further ahead! It will keep a potential laundry disaster that almost wrecked half my clothes from hijacking the list. Everyone survived, but it was a little bit stressful.
  3. I have a lot of stuff I’ve owned for a long, long time, including this Express dress that I’ve had for 11 years. I think it cost $25.00. In 1999. And every time I wear it, I feel a little like I’ve thrifted something from myself. And yes, I am trying to avoid admitting how old I was in 1999. 
  4. With two party-dress exceptions, this list includes the sum total of printed items in my closet. Yikes!
  5. Some trade-offs are easier to make than you expect: I was thinking about including my Dansko Clogs (my ultimate cop-out shoes) on this list, but ended up deciding that I can live without them for a month. I wonder how many other things I’ll come to feel that way about on this list.
  6. I’m a little stunned at the limited breadth of sources on this list: apparently nearly everything I wanted to wear for the next month that I didn’t buy at BR, Ann Taylor or J. Crew came from…my mum.
Some reasons why, and some goals for the days ahead:

As A. and E. noted, November and April are the cruelest months for those of us still on the student side of academe. I’m staring down the barrel of a long few weeks of paper writing, classes and law journal work, in addition to a weekend-long negotiation seminar, a visit from my in-laws, Thanksgiving, and, oh, right, exams, and I’m hoping that a limited wardrobe will help me keep my sartorial wits about me without taking up time I don’t have to give right now. 
Like Tania, I’m also looking forward to some freedom from shopping for the next month. With a few exceptions, I’ve been fairly restrained about shopping in the last month, and strangely enough, I love the way it feels and looking forward to exploring that more in the coming month. Resisting the desire to acquire feels liberating, and I’m hoping that learning to wear more of the things in my closet makes me feel both financially empowered and like a better, more discerning shopper down the line.
While I’ve included a lot of old favorites (and not-so-old favorites) on this list, I’ve also included some things I don’t wear very often, including some more “business-register” items that I’m hoping I can incorporate more into my academic-year wardrobe (both from my pre-law-school life as a person-with-a-real-job and my summer associate existence), and some silhouettes that have been challenging for me and that I’m hoping I’ll be able to figure out how to wear better. I’m hoping that “needing” to wear these items will help me better integrate them into my sartorial lexicon and increase my level of confidence in wearing them. 
I’ve also included a range of warmth-levels in these clothes. While I mentioned that I did turn my closet over for the winter this afternoon, I’m also hoping to see just how much I can stretch the spring/late summer pieces in my closet for this late fall/early winter time — both to avoid the Michelin Man look as the temperatures drop and to see how versatile these pieces can be.
I’m looking forward to being inspired by all 337 remixers participating in Kendi’s challenge. Go go gadget creativity!
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